Career Profile

Driven and versatile SRE that is capable of shepherding a platform through every stage of the development lifecycle. Experienced with transforming legacy monoliths into cloud-native microservices.


Lead Site Reliability Engineer

2021 - Present
Coupa Software Inc.

  • Drove the adoption of AWS EKS and supporting tooling, replacing LLamasoft’s KOPs and Jenkins orchestrated platform with Terraform (Terragrunt), Helmfile, and ArgoCD. This design has been adopted by the wider Coupa organization and is now the standard for deploying and managing Kubernetes company-wide.
  • Primary technical point of contact for all post-acquisition integrations between Coupa and LLamasoft infrastructure and systems.
  • Project lead for an initiative to reproduce and provision the entire Supply Chain cloud platform in an arbitrary number of regions around the world. The largest and most ambitious project undertaken by my team in 3 years, my design dramatically slashed the effort curve for production deployments. From requiring 6 weeks for a team of 10, new environments can now be orchestrated by one person in under a day with minimal manual intervention.
  • Introduced AWX (the open-source equivalent of Ansible Tower) to supplement our orchestration capabilities and ultimately replace Chef as our configuration management tool of choice. AWX jobs now perform automated patch management, security-suite installation and auditing, and general operational tasks in a heterogeneous OS environment that has historically been resistant to automation.

Cloud Engineer, Senior I

2019 - 2020
LLamasoft, Ann Arbor, MI

  • Principle Devops asset and evangelist for all Kubernetes initiatives, including the implementation of ingress controllers, service meshes, custom operators, and new micro-services.
  • Architect and project leader behind the adoption of Hashicorp Vault for secret-management across the entire engineering organization. Using custom Terraform modules, highly-available Vault clusters are rendered trivial to deploy, manage, and extend which has greatly improved LLamasoft’s security practices while easing developer compliance burdens.
  • Primary force in the (re)design of artifact building and deployment pipelines using Packer, Docker, and declarative Jenkinsfiles to construct both AMIs and containers. Using Artifactory as a source of truth, container images may be automatically scanned, signed, and synchronized with ECR and/or Harbor.
  • Wrote Python scripts that leveraged serverless platforms (AWS Lambda, OpenFaas) to completely eliminate numerous manual processes, including the fully autonomous TLS certificate generation and renewal for Apigee API-gateway.
  • Greatly enhanced LLamasoft’s operational awareness by implementing a number of observability tools, including Prometheus, Grafana, and Jaeger tracing. Fully automated Filebeat deployments capable of feeding logs to both self-managed and externally managed ELK stacks.
  • Created a LLamasoft SDK that allowed developers and DevOps to program sophisticated API interactions in the language(s) of their choice, including Python, Go, C#, Powershell, Bash, and Groovy.

Senior Containerization Engineer

2018 - 2019
Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI

  • Technical lead for the release engineering team; serving 14 (and counting) product development teams across 30+ products.
  • Implemented a Jenkins library in Groovy to centralize, abstract, and simplify many common operations and pipelines.
  • Fully automated Jenkins job and pipeline creation; restricting Jenkins administrator access to a minimum while dramatically easing CI/CD platform adoption by downstream consumers.

Software Engineer (IC3)

2017 - 2018
Oracle Corporation, Manchester, NH

  • Project leader and primary designer on effort to convert legacy FreeBSD+Perl monolithic platform into a containerized (Kubernetes) environment.
  • Designed, lead, and served as the primary individual contributor on project to fully automate massive test and production environment deployments via Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, and Docker.
  • Supports, troubleshoots, and maintains one of the largest and most sophisticated DNS hosting platforms in the world, spanning over 20 POPs globally and numbering close to 200 hosts of mixed composition.
  • Accustomed to working in high-traffic, high-uptime circumstances with tight SLAs and no margins for error.

Software Engineer

2016 - 2017
Dynamic Network Services (Dyn), Manchester, NH

  • Key full-stack developer and primary automation specialist for a microservice deployed as an AWS autoscaling group. This project leveraged Perl on the backend, agents written in Go, using Redis a caching and communications layer, and fully automated via Ansible.
  • Designed and implemented a high-volume API rate limiting scheme in Python (Twisted).
  • Core contributor to high-performance (40,000+ QPS) DNS proxy written in Go.

Junior Software Engineer

2014 - 2016
Dynamic Network Services (Dyn), Manchester, NH

  • Developed a sophisticated and highly configurable Ansible dynamic inventory in Python the became the primary engine and source of truth for our platform’s automation, orchestration, and releases. The inventory continues to manage hundreds of production and development nodes globally.
  • Implemented Chef cookbooks for automating nameserver provisioning and configuration management.
  • Wrote and deployed custom Collectd plugins

Physics and Abstract Algebra Tutor

2011 - 2013
Franklin Pierce University, Rindge, NH

Programming and Mathematics Tutor

2009 - 2010
Manchester Community College, Manchester, NH

Intern Software Developer

2009 - 2009
The Bald Programmer, Manchester, NH

  • Developed a Java Swing application that allowed laymen to write and visualize simple programs.
  • Contributed to an online testing program that utilized Java Servlets.

Skills & Proficiency